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Cooking it up!!

In the light of morning here lies my sleeping child, can you spy him?

Between our new freezer, the abundance of eggs from a friend, the farmers market and my own humble harvest…Preserving time is here again.  I try to be effect with my energy, both personal and fossil fuel based, so when I crank up the oven I want to get my moneys worth.  So today I decided I would bake bread, (a daily ritual in the winter, but summer is for store-bought tortillas!!) and then I went at Quiches!! I found a great whole wheat crust recipe on-line from the cheeky kitchen and went at it.  I was in a frenzy of basil and cheese and custard over flowing form my mixer, trying to work quickly before the baby boy wasn’t having it anymore, when I turned around to see …..

Fast asleep and smiling in his new bouncy chair!!  Now, for many of you mamas this is no big deal, but this boy has put himself to sleep all of 4 times since we meet and the joy it brought me was priceless!!  I continued on and came out with this lot…Not bad huh!!

three quiches and a loaf of mighty fine bread!!

Two are tomato basil and one is wild mushroom and Lamb’s Quarters, both with lots of yummy cheese, onions, garlic and eggs of course.  I am no Alice Waters, but I have been inspired lately, mostly from reading my two new favorite cookbooks..

Seasonal Fruits Deserts by Deborah Madison & Lucid Food by Lousia Shafia

They both address local fare and seasonal eating.  Lucid Food even has recipes for Lamb’s Quarters, Chervil and Wild Mushrooms, not to mention the recipes can be made mostly with things I have in my pantry or garden. That is where I usually get stuck, having to run tot the store for some fancy ingredient I would frankly never buy on my budget.  I often leave the fancy things out and carry on, but I like that Lucid Food can come from things I already have, validating that my pantry is quite Lucid indeed!! Well my friends, just thought I would share my excitement, now we are into the second nap and the real challenge lies ahead, tackling this mountain of dishes without waking the baby!!  Wish me luck

Wow I made a mess!!

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