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Celebrating the Humble Harvests of High Desert Homesteading


My name is Erin and I am a garden teacher, consultant, organizer, artist, wife, and creative spirit, not to mention famed for run on sentences.  I have lived in the high desert of New Mexico for 10 years. Here I have gotten dirty in many a garden, shared my delight in nature with many a children and continually grow from and learn from this strangely sparse yet abundant land.  

I live on 1/4 of an acre with my hero of a husband where we grow everything we can possibly squeeze onto this fertile little plot.  We share it with the starlings, skunks, a few wild cats, all who make our chickens an ever changing flock.  

I also have my own jewelry business called Desert Diosa (goddess of the desert) that I run from my home and sell at local markets and on the famous Etsy Website.  Visit to learn more and support our little cottage and it’s industries.



  Obie wrote @

Hello Erin,

Wanted to let you know so maybe you can pass it on. We are having The Eldorado Area Gardening Tour on June 5th. It’s free and any donations recieved will be going to the Outdoor Classroom. Email me and I can tell you more.

  Adele wrote @

Hi Erin,
I had some time at lunch and found your blog. it brought tears to my eyes remembering you picking flowers as a little one. Your photos and words are beautiful, deep and inspiring, keep up the good work. love Mom

  katcosmos1111 wrote @

Loveliness! Erin so good to see you in your wonderful world via this page. Sending a big hug, love and light to you as you get ready to weclome baby! …Kat

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