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Celebrating the Humble Harvests of High Desert Homesteading

The Reset Button

A sun shining fresh start

I found it, finally!!  The Reset Button.  After a dry, hot, smoky summer, the rains have come, the cool air rolls in and my energy has been restored to me, and to my garden it seems.  We have counted the losses, one too many times and now it is time celebrate the little things and move into action.  Joel has been busy getting things buttoned up around the house.  Today he hooked up our cool Craigslist score, a DC freezer now awaiting our garden bounty, and I have been back at it in the garden.

Today the moon was in Pisces, Yeah Water  sign!!!

Let it Rain!!

And thus a good day for planting leaves.  It took me all day to clear the beds, dig the potatoes amounting to a meager 2lb harvest, yes that was the grand total…sad I know…but moving on.. I planted lettuce, kale, collards, spinach and cilantro and then while I was putting away the last tool…drip drop…down pour!!! Beginning again

You know those days where everything just feels so right, so synchronized so sweet!!  It felt so good to know I have over 60 days left of frost free and even more if I cover my beds with my cold frames.  I planted mostly seed I have grown and collected myself, much due to me ‘letting things go’ this spring.  That is the thing with gardening…there really is no waste… your lettuce bolts, oh well save it for seed, your squash dies, off to the compost for next years is all part of the cycle, which is ever turning.  You can jump on and off and it keeps spinning, never leaving you behind.

My growing seed library, all saved from this little homestead

While I was working away, the baby boy slept next to me in his new bouncy chair and some friends came to visit.

Look at that face!!

This guy to remind me to get those chickens sooner than later!! And this lovely lady to remind me to PRAY PRAY PRAY for rain!!!

She was praying for the rain too

Sure I love to eat and feel the satisfaction of eating my hand grown food, but this is why I garden, I simply love it.  Visits from friends, sun shining, sacred timing and water falling from the great big sky, simple yet it is all such a beautiful miracle!!  And then, at the eat a humble & cherished feast!!

Thank you Ace Bush!! 1/2lb off the first pick

So here’s to the glory of the August harvest, the rains who finally made their way here and to fresh starts on another season. Buen Provecho and Bon Apetite!

Tasty treats


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  kyce wrote @

What great reminders here–sometimes the small, hard earned harvests are much more precious. I think my outrageous, unheard of water bills are (almost) worth the pleasure of an apron filled with tomatoes and green beans. That’s pretty much the extent of the yield over here! Your cherry tomatoes are rocking it!

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