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Baby Bloom

Well my friends, that flower planting frenzy right before Mother’s Day (it was actually the evening before) had good results.  Our son was born the next day, Mother’s Day, here in our home at 4 in the afternoon after a nice full day of labor.  That planting frenzy was probably attributed to a hormone rush, bless them, as I had felt like such an incapable gardener in the weeks previous, but that last minute burst must have brought the baby here.  We had a lovely birth, most of which was done among my baby plants in a birthing tub in our green house.  Green leaves, sunshine on my skin and a cool breeze were what helped me get this baby here, and of course my amazing husband and blessed midwives.  I consider myself a strong garden mama, I could dig all day, but birthing a 9.6lb baby, now, that took another kind of strength.  But I did it and here he is , Jacob Aengus Glanzberg as precious as a peach.

He has been alive 9 days now and though this week was a serious journey of the soul, it is 8am, babe asleep, bread in the oven, floors swept and mommy is wide awake.  I must admit, this glorious time of day has never been my best.  I usually sleep as late as I can, or am rushing out of the door at this hour.  So interesting how rhythms change.  Evenings are still my best time.  We have been going out when the wind dies down and the stillness settles in.  The iris scent fills the air and the starlings and red wing blackbirds roost for the night.  we watch daddy plant our little seedlings, now pretty darn big, tenderly in the ground.  The world seems so magical right now, like someone washed my eyes with sparkling water.  So many magical gifts come with the miracle of life!!

Dawn light on the Grandma tree

My plants are slowly getting planted, but are eager to get in the ground.  I will shamefully admit my cucumbers, squash and even some tomatoes have started to flower in their little 2 inch pots!!!  If anyone want to come over and plant a little, I am more physically unablenow then with that big fat belly if you can believe that!!  We are making progress though and I must say, not so bad for May 17.

baby plants busting out of their pots

Joel finished the shed and now all the tools, bikes and tons of other things are neatly organized and it looks fabulous!!

A place for everything

So much in bloom, so much to be thankful for.  Happy last frost date and plant plant plant away and may we do the same!!

The shed made from old pallets and cob


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  elie wrote @

Sweet little life you have created for yourself, my didi. Well done. Very well done.

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