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Mother’s Day is for planting (flowers)

It is a tradition in my family that every year on Mother’s Day my mom would get a plant, often a flowering one, and we would plant it in the garden with her.  Mother’s Day was probably put in May just to boost nursery sales, but hey, whatever reason it is I think it is a great tradition and one I intend to keep, as long as my new family plays along.  Along with tradition, this year the moon is in Gemini, an air sign, which for those of you who have flowed my blog know, is good for planting flowers according to the Biodynamic Planting Calender.

Though I not officially a mother yet, my husband did surprise me with a huge Lilac and Red Osier Dogwood for the yard and he even said he would plant them for me!  You see I am still pregnant and struggling with what to do while waiting for baby, now 5 days over due.  Most everything I can think of is done, except of course cooking, cleaning and gardening, which is proving harder and harder.  I struggle getting up and down and tire quickly in the sun. 

I was starting to get pretty grumpy about my handicap but my husband found this video of Ruth Stout, an old garden gramma, whose gardening style is a perfect fit for me right now.  She must be pushing 90 when the video was made and is hilarious as well as super practical.  Her body is about as capable as mine right now, but she doesn’t let that stop her.  She just scratches the soil, throws in some seeds, covers them with rotten hay and walks away.  She does live in New England so she sips watering too, which I simply can’t do on these windy desert days, but luckily me and my belly can water, so no trouble there.  Here is Ruth’s video, in case you would rather watch a video than over do yourself on digging, hoeing, and toiling in the earth, it works for her and her garden is abundant.

Happy Mother’s Day and plant, plant, plant away!


  kyce wrote @

Thanks for the Ruth Stout inspiration! That’s what I’m gonna do. You are looking grand!

  growing beans wrote @

wow. it is amazing that you can still do gardening even if you are pregnant. very inspiring.

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