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Waiting for baby

As the garden grows, my belly continues to as well.  The 9 month bump definitely slows me down a little in the garden but luckily the greenhouse tables are belly height and watering is easy.  While I dote over my baby seedlings, my husband is very busy creating something of his own.

Pallet shed filled with cob

Spring winds drying the baby clothes on the line.

Greenhouse over flowing with seedlings, lettuce and awaiting the birthing tub.

Sweet blooms abound.

Fall planted bulbs blooming for baby.

Plenty of time hanging around.

Watering garlic, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cilantro and tulips of course

The door is open baby, come on in.


  meg wrote @

Erin, you look amazing. Wishing you a speedy delivery. I am holding our new addition, Anna Magnolia…nothing compares to being a mom! Good luck

  seedybeans wrote @

Thanks for the birth blessings!! Love to all

  Carrie Jo wrote @

Well honeys,

Looks like all is same, beautiful- and Bigger.

Blessings and Love,
Carrie Jo xox

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