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The garden fool

Most of this blog is about all the garden good I have in my life; all my little secrets and success’s, my joys and triumphs…. so I feel like that is covered.  But the bad and the ugly however, don’t get as much press.  I figured April Fool’s Day would be a perfect day to show my garden fool, my failures and simply the humblness I must have to work with the mysteries of nature and think I know anything.  

Though I am a garden teacher, I by no means I know everything about gardening and just teach about it.  It simply means I love gardening enough to want to spend most of my time doing it and talking to people about it.  I learn right along with my students, who often end up being my teachers.  Though I have a blog about high desert gardening, I am and will always be learning how to do it.  So, here I humblyshare some of the not so bright moments of my gardening year. In the spirit of being able to laugh at myself,  it is only fair to include, learn from a move on from, the little garden fool in me.  

Aphid infestation in my greenhouse– What to do?

Aphids control– soap and water spray- I use Dr. Bronner peppermint- freshy fresh, but only helps for about a day 

Green Gunk!! Gross green mossy algae that grows on top of soil surface in pots in greenhouse that stops the water from penetrating the surface to reach the roots.- bad bad, Just scratch it off and plan to scratch again tomorrow]

Cooked cilantro– Opps– The cold frame lid blew shut on a sunny and windy may day– Creating a solar oven, cooking my cold loving cilantro, sorry guys

These are all bad things that happen to good gardeners, and OH, there have been more, though in those tragic garden moments I rarely think to grab my camera.  So as the optimisim of spring seeps into you and your garden, I say, let it take over.  There will be bumps and challenges along the way, but learning from them, not letting them stop your heart felt efforts is the only way.   Nature’s ways of fooling us is only to remind us we are not in control of our gardens, but being grown by them.  Gardening isn’t about being perfect it is about being natural.


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  Carrie Jo wrote @

This is the loveliest of little blogs, thanks you darling friend. xx CJ

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