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Greenhouse lettuce harvest-Planted Christmas

Today I went to harvest my first crop of lettuce of 2011 in my greenhouse and I realized my harvest sheet from 2010 was still hanging on the fridge.  After years of working in school gardens trying to convince people that not only were school gardens great teaching tools but productive members of our local food systems, I trained myself to take careful records of everything I ever grew.  Many people asked me how much of my own food I actually grow and I really never had a good answer– So I brought the record keeping home for 2010 and now have an idea of what my garden produced.  So here are the tallys for 2010, May it inspire you all to grow your own.

Garlic Harvest

Home Garden Harvest 2010



Name                           Total lbs



Lettuce                  8.75


Orach                           3.75


Spinach                  1.25


Cilantro                  0.25


Chinese Cabbage         1


Tat Soi                  0.75


Mustard Greens         0.75        


Carrots                  0.75


Zucchini                  31


Summer Squash         22.75


Potato                  6.25


Tomato                  20.5


Armenian Cuc.         26.25


Japanese Cuc.         4.5


Pickling Cuc.         5.9


Basil                           3


Garlic                           5        


Onions                  0.5


Beets                           4.25


Green Beans         1


Plums                  0.5


Kale                           1


Chard                           2.75


Parsley                  0.15


Squash Blossoms         Many


Cabbage                  23


Winter Squash         8




Total Lbs of Vegetables—–162.05

Maybe next year I will actually add up the cost of the vegetables to show how much money I saved, but we all know that is only part of why we grow our own, now isn’t it.





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