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Winter has come, the growing goes inward

Wow– It has been over a month since I have written.  Where does the time go?  Well in all honesty, I know exactly where my mind has been. All my attention and creative energy has been turned inward, literally.  I have a baby bean growing in my internal garden, due to bloom and join us on this good green earth this May!  It should be a glorious spring!!  And in planning for it, I have kind of just let the frost take the garden under, let the blog go untended and let the greenhouse go unsown for the winter.  I did manage to gather up the last tomatoes that are now ripening in the greenhouse, get garlic in the ground, and plant a few cold frames with lettuce and spinach.  But really, I was glad to let the garden curl inward as I do the same.  We will dream into the winter and start planning for spring. 

The circle garden

When I first moved here to Bouquet lane, my husband had already lived here for 9 years.  Though the place suited me perfectly, I needed to carve out a bit or earth of my own.  So I took the spot in the backyard where the greenhouse once stood, and away I went.  I started by creating two, semi keyhole, semi-circle shaped beds layered with compost and sheep poo and lined with rocks, so that instead of digging down, I could just build up the soil.  It is a blessed little space that my dad and I actually built together.  Poor old dad, I made him shlep around heavy rocks all weekend.  If I remember correctly, I was actually HIS birthday, oh how he loves me!!  The garden is my little sanctuary.  It is basically designed to hold people, there are four spots, one in each direction for someone to sit in, though it is often just me in my private ceremony or napping or gazing up at the trees and sky.  This is what it looked like first made it.  The view facing West is magnificent, especially now!! I call her the grandma tree, as she watched over us and dwarfs our house by many times.

The first season I planted flowers for our wedding, yes they all frosted the night before harvest, but it was the process, the prayer and preparation that really brought the beauty.  The second season, it was the three sisters; corn, beans and squash.  The corn did great but the skunks got to it all before me, and well, we shared.  I got 10 lbs of winter squash out of it and a tone of green beans as well as an enchanted feel from all the vines and stalks growing over 8 feet high.  I was so glad some children found there way to it, as it was the perfect hiding place for little ones.

  This season the circle garden will be sprouting early in the spring.  I have been planting bulbs, who will sit out the winter with me, and then come the first warm days and Robins visits, will swell and sprout, just as I will.  Garlic rings the outside and tulips the inside.  Originally I didn’t want any perrenials in there, but then realized I can easily dig them up and put them somewhere else whenever I like.  I think the rest will be spring greens, that is if I can bend over and get them planted by then!!  I know all you women who have givein birth will laugh I my naive and romantic idea of birth, but I have always thought I would like to birth my children in a garden.  I know, I know dirt is dirty, right…But this is a space where I can sit, and grow my baby and on some day in May, lie full bellied surrounding by blooms and beckon the little being here to earth.  Who wouldn’t want to enter this world surrounded by flowers!!  Even if the baby doesn’t arrive in the actual garden, I know it will be a good place to be during the process of labor and when that baby does arrive, I will lay it right in the middle on a cozy blanket while I weed around.  Oh what fun to dream of growing life in all forms!!  Happy winter dreaming.


  kyce wrote @

love that keyhole garden nook, and love that little bean you’ve got growing in the belly.

  Meg wrote @

Congrats! The garden looks beautiful and I am sure that you do too. We are expecting little girl #2 in April. Your garden will be the perfect place to grow. Feel good.

  seedybeans wrote @

Oh Meg– That is so great!! Congrats to you guys and happy New England Winter– Still rockin Mass?

  Danielle wrote @

HI. Kiind of a dumb question, but where do I get a good compost bin? Any suggestions? Do I need worms, etc… Thanks,


  seedybeans wrote @

Hi Danielle– Not a dumb question, and besides compost, being a completely natural and inevitable process, it is actually hard to make it happen in good, neighbor friendly way round here. There is actually lots to consider when building the ideal compost system… so where to begin. I think in your honor I will write a whole entry about it so that it can be useful to us all. Thanks for asking. Hope the next entry helps– and do let me know– Erin

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