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Home for the Harvest

I haven’t written in while because we have just spent the last 2 weeks in Southern France with family.  I was am amazing trip at an optimal time of year, though I must admit I was worried about our garden.  You see, today is our one year wedding anniversary.  Last year I grew a ton of flowers in the yard for the wedding and the night before, yep, that’s right, a light frost.  Luckily we had a surprisingly generous offer to cut whatever we liked from the Seeds of Change Farm a few days before that very frost, so there was no shortage of flowers for the wedding.  But because of that frosty memory, as I was snapping photos of every French kitchen garden I could (mostly from moving cars), my heart cringed at the idea of coming home to frost bitten green tomatoes and brown basil and rotten cucumbers.  So you can imagine my joy when I came home to fruit ripe and heavy on the vine.  I have been happily gathering up all the fruits of the year, preserving, canning, drying, saving seed, and turning things down for the winter.  And to my surprise, all in a tee-shirt– this weather seems oddly warm for Oct, but hey, I will take it.  So glad to be home, thankful for the warmth and sunshine & even rain!!  Can’t wait to share the french garden pics with you all, they are truly impeccable and inspiring.


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