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Back at it

It has been a while since I have written, the June heat took me down and watering was pretty much all I did.  I think I was so organized this spring, I just needed a break, to sit back and watch the garden grow.  Now that the rain is finally here, I have been reinvigorated to not only reap what I have sown, but start planting again for fall.

Garlic in its many forms, dirty and clean, dry and fresh out of the ground. All harvested in the past couple of weeks.


Pretty curly garlic scaps, or flowering tips. I once made a wreath out of them and sold it for $50!!


I have starting preserving, freezing and of course eating.  I harvested over 5 lbs of garlic making a huge stock pile of winter hard neck and some beautiful braids of soft neck.  Garlic is pretty much ready to harvest when the leaves start to yellow and flop over.  Many farmers cut off the scaps, the flower buds—you can cook and eat them and I have seen many people at market even selling them as they have a great flavor and can be used in almost any way garlic is used. If you choose to leave the scap on it will produce a little bunch of garlic babies which, when planted will produce garlic in 2 seasons.  I usually plant the cloves of the bulb, but have harvested the result of leaving those little bulbs and sprinkling them through the land 2 years ago.  Booth have produce good crops.

As for what to plant next—I sowed carrots and beets last week and got so super blessed by this rain that they have all germinated beautifully!

Next friday and Saturday the moon will be in a water sign so I will get a bed ready for spinach, lettuce and fall greens, like kale, chard, and collards.  Many folks love fall peas which I will pop in the ground in a couple of weeks too. When I plant spring greens early—March- I usually leave a bunch to bolt in June—by now they are going to seed.

Blessed bolting lettuce this particular variety bolted last year and was the first lettuce to come up in spring. It now has a mind of its own in the garden and saves me lots of trouble by just appearing offering me salad


 I simply collect the seed, save some for next spring and plant the rest for fall.  I figure if mother nature is dropping her seed in the garden, I must be time.  

One lettuce plant produces tiny little flowers that look like sunflowers( yep, same family!!) from one flower you get a bunch of seeds, so lettuce is a great plant to save seed from and get big bang for your buck!!


Mama knows best , right?  So clear out that garlic and those potatoes, harvest those bolting cilantro and spinach and re sow—the gardening season is no where near done, that is unless you are….

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