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The most beautiful place in the world

I have been meaning to write for weeks now and just haven’t.  I have been more distracted with enjoying the beauty around me than writing about it.  Marveling as the little wonders that happen in the garden when our work is done preparing and we sit back and just watch it all grow.

Winter Rye peeking out as it goes to seed


Harvesting wild asparagus up our road


I have had moments of inspiration, wanting to share our potato health, the wonders of corn, and glory of wild asparagus, the many uses of garlic scaps, the joys of playing in the wild…but alas I haven’t.  

Swirling garlic scaps ( bud of the garlic flower before bloom, which I cut off, so the vital life force doesn't go into the flower, but the bulb which I will harvest in a month))


This morning I honestly don’t feel the pressure to either.  I sip a divine cup of coffee, which I gave up for the past 2 months, and let me tell you, nothing like going without to make you appreciate it’s glory.  I watch hummingbirds zip around our garden, try to drink for our prayers flags and my red coffee mug as well as the brilliant orange poppies and bright yellow columbines that join me for breakfast.

Orange oriental poppies in our front yard


 I feel the warmth rise in the air as my husband waters the receiving ground, creating a humidity we all so need right now.  What is really on my mind this morning is that I am so totally in love with this beautiful earth, this wild land, this rushing river that is 100 yards from our door, this blooming plot that is our little home.  

Sun setting in the west behind our grandma tree


I feel deep gratitude along with a desire to share these simple sentiments with you, my friends and fellow garden lovers.  May the beauty of our enchanted land reach all of you today in it’s own glorious way.  

Sunset on the Sangre de Cristos as seen from Bouquet lane

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