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Why I garden

This post is a little out of the practical tone of most of my posts.  It was spurred by a truly inspiring woman I am coming to know.  She keeps a blog on high desert life, nurturing growing, conserving and enjoying the world around and within her.  Old Recipe for a New World. 

As she falls deeper in love with her own garden she asked her readers and friends to take in the breath of spring and write about why they garden.  The compilation will be posted On May Day to celebrate our communal spring fever.  

Thank you Kyce for your encouragement, inspiration and growing our friendship

Japanese Plums blossoms over my garden gate


Why I garden….

What ever else would I do?  In an ever-moving and changing world, I have learned that I can get dizzy with it all, so I hunker down, kneel to the ground, I go towards the ever-moving earth, at her center of gravity, is where I find my own.  If I dig my hands in deep, lean into her winds, burst into the wild bloom around me, I too bloom.  In the garden I feel like I am growing up right, from the earth towards the sky, like every thing else around me.  I wake in the morning eager be outside, to find the subtle or sometimes substantial changes in the green outside my door.  All the growth still feels like magic, and I simply get to witness the earth’s sweet surprises everyday, and there is little that moves me more.  I don’t really think gardening is a choice for me, but necessary, daily bread, a longing deep in my soul.  At first it was a way to be outside all day…As a child the garden was home, not a place for work, but where I lived…mud pies and tea parties in the back yard, I could always be found under and huge white blossomed bush that smelled of fresh oranges, I never learned the name or have seen that great wonder of botany since, but it was shelter to years of my becoming, and my dear friend.  When I started to wander out of the bounds of our 1/5 acre suburban plot, I ran… into streams and forests into wild rain storms of summer, into jungles and up mountains.  It was the untamed world that kissed me with truth that guides me still.   As womanhood came upon me, and still is calling me deeper in, I was called down off the mountaintop, lured into grooves and orchards.  May be it was pan, but I think now it was more my mother.  Guiding me into myself, somehow into a little more tamed, a little more order & production, yet lush, lovely  & alive.  The valleys, were the water flows and humans huddle, fruit is abundant and the land giving.  Into the gardens I have found myself as a woman, one hand marveling at our mothers mysteries, and the other spinning seeds and stems with my own gifts.  In a garden I can feel that all I love about the earth resides too inside me, and it is there she whispers her secrets of what we really are capable of as creatresses , as life giving beings, as mysterious plentiful creators.  It is the place we were humans, or at least this human belongs, carrying out both the act of creating life and beauty and simply getting out of the miracles way and marveling.  That fine thin line between creating and being created, every moment, every day.

Teaching with my beloved corn


 Why do I garden, because I love it, because I am called to or simply because I must, but for what ever reason it is simply the one thing in this world that I know for sure I am here to do, and for that I am forever greatful.


  karen wrote @

Erin- your words and images resonate deeply with me. I too remember growing up out in the woods building fortresses, digging in the earth, and yearning to be outside every chance I could get. As the perils of human activity have intensified and threaten our earth at every turn, my garden has become my solace. I am lucky to have both the mountains and the garden to keep me from despair. Thank you for reminding me of all that the garden has to offer – the poetry, especially. Your new friend, Karen

  Erin wrote @

Thanks Karen. It really is about keeping the wild alive in this increasing contrived world. Look forward to cultivating some good dirt with you soon.– Erin

  6512 and growing wrote @

Lovely words. I hear your passion for your green friends, who then nourish you – a beautiful cycle!

[…] at Seedybeans, took a break from her customary dispensing of invaluable gardening advice to tell us just why she gardens. In the garden, she writes, “I have found myself as a woman, one hand marveling at our […]

  shadymama wrote @

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

“…I have learned that I can get dizzy with it all, so I hunker down, kneel to the ground, I go towards the ever-moving earth, at her center of gravity, is where I find my own.”


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